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Stainless Steel Slat Chains

Straight Running Chains
These chains are available in single hinge slat chains and double hinged chains. Suitable for bottling plant, food processing industries, oil distilleries, breweries, beverages and pharmaceutical industries. These stainless steel slat chains have the characteristic of straight running with pitch dimension of 1.5" (38.1 mm). The plate thickness of these chains is 3 mm that make these suitable for conveying various food products, container, bottle and packets.

Side Flexing
The main application of the chain is used for conveying glass bottles and is suitable for soft drink, breweries, bottling plant, distilleries and pharmaceutical industries. Available with single hinge-tab type, these are provided with pitch of 1.5" (38.1 mm) and plate thickness of 3 mm. Manufactured using wear resistance stainless steel, it is offered with minimum side flex radius 500 mm.

Magnet Flex Chains
The chains are primarily used in the curved conveyor sections that are fitted by magnets. These magnet flex chains can efficiently transport products horizontally & vertically too. It helps in freeing the floor space & hence optimizes the manufacturing layout. The modular design of the chains ensures speedy assembly & dismantling of the products. These chains are available with pitch of 1.5'' (38.1 mm) along with plate thickness of 3 mm.
stainless steel slat chains