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Thermoplastic Slat Chains

Straight Running Chains
Thermoplastic Slat Chains are suitable for conveying sensitive products such as PET or HDPE bottles, Aluminum Cans, Cartons, Crates etc. in Dairy, Food, Beverages and Pharmaceutical products etc. These Chains are made from Low Friction Grade Polyacetal and are characterized by smooth running and low operating noise. Thermoplastic chains are available in straight running and side flexing; both tab type and magnetflex. Relevant Sprockets, Wearstrips, Comer Tracks, Slat Chain, thermoplastic slat chain, side flexing chains, magnet flex chains and guide profiles are also available.

Side Flexing Chains
The pitch of these chains is of 1.5" (38.1 mm) and the plate thickness is of 4 mm. This chain is suitable for transporting in the industries like soft drink, beverages, bottling plant, distilleries and pharmaceutical. The system is appreciated for very easy installation, modification & changing it on site using standard tools. Manufactured utilizing low friction grade polyacetal material, these are available in varied types with different widths.

Magnet Flex
Side Flexing Magnet Flex Chains that is highly demanded in diverse industries such as food, beverages & soft drink, pharmaceutical, medical & health care, automotive & auto ancillary and packaging. These chains are attached with various materials that support the elements like cross roads, slats and wire mesh. Chains are suitable for shrink tunnels, ovens and washing machine applications. Manufactured utilizing high grade low friction grade polyacetal, these chains are available with pitch dimension of 1.5" (38.1 mm) and plate thickness of 4 mm. These are corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant.

thermoplastic slat chains