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conveyor belts
conveyor belts

Timing Belt and Pulley

These belts ensure positive power transmission for a wide range of industrial applications and offer many advantages over conventional drives like chain and gears. Timing Belts and Pulleys are available in different pitches, such as:
Classical Pitch: MXL, XL, L, H, XH
HTD Pitch: 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M
Metric Pitch: T -2.5, T-5, T-10, T-20, AT -2.5, AT-10, AT-20
Of these, the metric pitch belts have steel cords/Kevlar reinforcement and are used for power transmission, synchronised conveying, linear positioning and indexing applications. These belts can be welded endless to any length and are also available in open-ended rolls of any length. Additionally, they can be laminated with various surface materials for special applications.
We also provide timing pulleys for your drives in materials like EN-8 AL for the belt’s specified pitch with fianges, pilot bore, taper lock or as per customer’s design.
To design the right kind of customised timing belt and pulley for your requirement, please provide the following details:
Power (P-Kw), RPM of driver pulley (N1), RPM of driven pulley (N2), Diameter of Driver Pulley (D1), Centre Distance (E), Ratio required.
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