Autotrans India is a reputed supplier of a wide range of high quality industrial belts. We provide Conveyor belts of PVC/PU, Plastic Modular Belts, Thermoplastic Slat Chains, Stainless Steel Slat Chains, Flat Power Transmission Belts, Timing belts and pulleys, PU Round Belts, PTFE Coated Belts and Tapes, Draw Down Belts, Sponge Coated Belts and Feeder Belts used for drive, process and conveying applications. Our belts are made from advanced engineering materials and meet the highest standards of quality and industry specifications. We also supply Mechanical Fasteners & Conveyor Accessories. We cater to a wide variety of industries including Food, Freezing, Fish, Engineering, Automobile & Automotive, Electronics & Electricals, Pharmaceuticals, Paper industries to mention a few.

Our extensive product range helps customers to choose the right product for their preferred application. It also enables us to constantly explore the potential for new markets. Our vast experience in dealing with industrial belts and thorough knowledge of the rapidly changing market, emerging new applications and competitive solutions has always enabled us to provide innovative products. We provide cost-effective, long-term quality solutions with prompt, efficient services and technical support.

At Autotrans India, we believe our customers and suppliers are the most important parts of our operation. And we work with them in a spirit of partnership, striving to build long-term relationships. By providing our customers solutions tailored to their exact specifications, we contribute to their performance, productivity and profits, ensuring their total satisfaction.

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