Jointed & Truly Endless (Flex) Timing Belts are often used as Conveyors for different applications. For this, an additional coating surface may be added on these belts, depending upon the applications. The coating on the belts of Rubber, sponge or any special grip is either moulded or pasted to ensure high quality standards. These power-driven conveyors are used for various applications in the industries. These coated timing belts are highly sustainable and vary in sizes depending upon the customers’ requirements.
The selection of the correct coating depends on the conveying product properties and the required grip. High friction for a good carrying effect, low friction to reduce the power transmission performance, soft for sensitive items or hard for sharp-edged items are the determining factors.
To meet specific applications, the tooth side and/or the conveying side can be mechanically reworked & the flexibility of the belt can be restored.
Various types of coating are available like PVC, PU, PAZ, Fishbone, Viton, PAR, Linatex, Supergrip, Silicone & having special structures.