We are pleased to introduce the range of Plastic Modular Belts for various application in the industries like Food Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical Industries, Tyre Industries, Automobile & Automotive Industries, Battery Industry, Sheet Metal Industries & so many other industries.
These belts are available in Polypropylene (PP) & Acetal (POM) material with the pitch ranges from 12.7 mm.; 25.4 mm.; 50.00 mm. with flat top & perforation having available in White & Blue colour. These belts are used for inclined transportation with profiles / product supports of different heights ranges for 1” to 6” with side guards.
The strength of our belts is in the raw material & rods used for interlinking the links. We give the guarantee of our material more than two years with at par delivery schedule.
Modular Belt for Spirals are also used for various applications in the industries. We can supply the spirals with guaranteed performance.

Salient features:

  • Product’s individual interlocking belt/chain links joined together flexibly by connecting rods, ensuring smooth operations
  • Belts/chains powered by sprockets
  • FDA compliant, Anti-Static, chemical resistant and possess flame retardant characteristics
  • Belt material available in PP/PE/Acetal with flat surface and with different openings