We supply superior quality steel belt lacing which is of high durability and is designed for easy on site installation by only one person, lacing even wide belts in a single operation. It can be customized according to client specifications. It has a greater holding strength & longer service life. Mechanical fasteners offer an economical, reliable and long lasting belt splice method. They are the most common belt splicing method in use today, for both light and heavy-duty conveyor belt applications. Now a day, belts are being manufactured with synthetic materials, which are suitable to mechanical fasteners. Due to this, the significant cost savings & downtime is minimized and production may continue without substantial interruption.

These fastener can be used on PVC and rubber belting. It is available in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and accommodates any belt thickness and pulley diameters. We recommend suitable belt fastener style based on working tension, pulley size and construction of the belting.