Our Flat Power Transmission Belts are designed to conserve energy. Nowadays V-Belts have been replaced by these energy saving, efficient flat belts, ensuring longer life for machines and power savings. These belts are available in high abrasive resistant leather and synthetic rubber coatings.High strength nylon core tensile member make belts operate extremely efficient & thus reduce power consumption costs. Flat Belt drives are simple & inexpensive. They help protect machinery from overload and jams also isolate the noise level and vibrations. They do not need lubrication and retensioning hence the minimal maintenance.

To design the right kind of customised belt for your drive, please provide the following details: Power (P Kw), RPM (Smaller Pulley – D1), Diameters of Driver Pulley (D1) and Driven pulley (D2), Pulley width, Centre distance (E).

Salient features :

  • Belts operate with 98% efficiency and reach speed up to 100 m/sec.
  • Posses Anti-Static properties
  • Possess high tensile strength, good modulus of elasticity and high co-efficient of friction
  • Light in weight